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Founded by Mark Tchelistcheff
, a director, cinematographer, producer and the founder of Open Films, an international production company focused on films, documentaries, commercials, multi-media and television content.  He comes from an international background, which is the fabric and foundation of his adventurous spirit and is the offspring of an old Russian/German aristocratic lineage. Mark grew up, lived and has worked in such places as Pakistan, Israel, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany and the Bahamas. His university years included lectures on law, philosophy, history and film in both Germany and United States following which he spent time in Japan, India, Sikkim, Nepal and Tibet examining and lecturing on Buddhist philosophy and esoteric practices.  His other interests include yacht racing, mountain climbing, skiing, literature and great sake, wine and food.

Although his primary work is in film and entertainment, his volunteer work in the past included providing disaster relief assistance for Haiti in 2010 and the Fukushima area after the Japanese Sunami of 2011. He has also worked on sustainable development projects such as with the Women’s Handicraft Center in Khon Kaen, Thailand and with various schools in Nepal.  He has lectured on Buddhist philosophy in many countries at universities, temples and private institutions. Mark loves working and sharing in this wondrous art form of the cinematic experience by which people are transported into journeys that transcend origin, language, tradition, politics and religion.

Mark’s commercial work includes directing and producing projects for major corporate clients from Nikon to Microsoft.  His latest directorial work is on the feature documentary "André - The Voice of Wine". He has produced such feature films as “CONVERSATIONS WITH OTHER WOMEN” which won Helena Bonham Carter the best actress award at the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Evening Standard British Film Best Actress Award.  Mark has also worked numerous documentary and TV projects including: A&E’s “At with with the Brave”; UNDP’s Equator Initiative; the acclaimed TBS television music legend series “Song To Soul” and a number of NHK documentary specials






Contact: Mark Tchelistcheff
info (at)

Contact: Mark Tchelistcheff
info (at)

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Berlin / Köln, Germany
Contact: Uwe Irnsinger
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