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OPEN FILMS celebrates over a twenty plus years of producing content from commercials, films and documentaries. Open Films clients include such notable companies and organizations from Nikon to Microsoft; The Clinton Foundation to General Electric. Our clients are from around the world and we have provided production services to British, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, New Zealand, Russian, Taiwanese and Thai companies.

See the award winning feature documentary André - The Voice of Wine, the story of Mark's grand uncle André Tchelistcheff who is considered one of the father's of California wine was known as the "Dean of American Wine". Hollywood Reporter called it a "Hidden Gem".


OPEN FILMS COMMERCIALS - We colloborted on numerous commercial projects including the promos for Gerber foods among others.


We worked on the highly acclaimed Japanese series Song To Soul with such music legends as Roberta Flack and The Band for Tokyo Broadcasting Systems.

As well as work on various NHK series.

Open Films is also in production on Mirrror Into Japan - a journey into the culture, life and history of Japan. Mark Tchelistcheff directed a museum documentary on a 3,500 year Princess Papyrus of the Book of the Dead which was unrolled for the first time in Cologne, Germany.

Open Films continues to produce, shoot and develop content internationally.



Co-Produced/financed by Mark Tchelistcheff, Conversations with Other Women won the Special Jury Award and Best Actress Award for Helena Bonham Carter at the Tokyo International Film Festival and a great review by Roger Ebert:

“Conversations with Other Women” is another of the best films I have seen here. Directed by Hans Canosa, it stars Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter in an idea that seems like a stunt and then deepens into the sadness of unrealized love. The stunt is that that entire film has been made in split-screen, so that we are always looking at two pictures. The left is usually occupied by Eckhart, the right by Bonham Carter, although they are free to enter each other’s frames and sometimes seem to be standing so close that the frame division is a formality; other characters sometimes enter either frame.

They meet at a wedding. She is a “substitute bridesmaid.” They talk. They flirt. They spend the night together. The nature of their complete relationship I will leave for you to discover. The movie is really about the passage of time and the finality of decisions taken and not taken -- about the loneliness of men, who seem condemned to regret what they have not had, and women, more content to accept what they have chosen. The two actors are talking for almost the entire movie, which depends on tone and pitch to sustain its deepening insights. The split screen comes to seem necessary”.

  • The film “Narcissist” directed and produced by Mark Tchelistcheff was on exhibit at the Bronx Museum.



    In 2010 Mark Tchelistcheff worked on relief efforts for the earthquake disaster in Haiti.  From setting up relief flights for doctors, nurses and medical staff into Haiti to organizing medical supplies, food, water purification systems and tents for those suffering from this horrific catastrophe.  Mark spent almost three weeks on the ground in Haiti working with many of the underserved in the various slum areas of Port-au-Prince bringing in much needed medical support and supplies.   We also worked with the Miami Medishare Hospital Haiti, Haiti General Hospital and St. Damien’s Children’s Hospital as well as the Haiti Village and General Hospital in Jacmel.  Mark was instrumental in getting clean water to those who needed it with organizing the implementation of SUNSPRING a General Electric Solar Powered Microbiological Water Purification systems into many of the above hospitals and is continuing to work with various groups on the on-going recovery efforts of Haiti. You can check out the video on the CLINTON FOUNDATION youtube site.

    Mark in the spring of 2011 went as a volunteer, this time to Fukushima, Japan, where the devastation from the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami were catastrophic.

  • The company continues to work on web, multi-media and commercial projects.




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